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Welcome to site returning to the times of real gentlemen in the sky.

We are engaged in the operation of a British fighter aircraft manufactured by Sopwith Aviation Company, which was used in World War I and for some time afterwards.

      Sopwith Camel knows the public mainly due to the fight with the Red Baron. According to official records, pilot A. Roy-Brown in Sopwith Camel shot down ace of aces - Manfred von Richthofen. Fighter pilot of the German Army Air Force and the most successful fighter of the First World War flying with Fokker Dr.I - Dreidecker.

It was this duel that motivated us to create a project

                   KNIGHTS OF THE SKY

We are part of. Thanks to this we bring a period air show focused on fights of historical fighter aircraft including static demonstrations, pyrotechnic effects and period costumes.

Our goal is to bring extraordinary experiences to the public when watching pilots in the machines that stood at the very beginning of the aviation. It's often a spectacle with concealed breath. We are trying to point out the bravery and courage of our ancestors and their way of life.